The most common space configuration  in tradeshows but your exhibit doesn’t need to be. Check out this gallery for ideas to see some of the uncommon things we’ve done for out exhibitors.Concepts_-_inlines.html
Islands & Peninsulas  
Larger open spaces with at least 3 sides open to aisles. These spaces present challenges and opoortunities. We’ve risen to meet those challenges and take advantage of the opportunities those spaces offer. Concepts_-_islands.html
It’s good to be the king! And the double deck is often called king of the showfloor! It offers additional space, prestige and a place to get away from the hustle and bustle while still overlooking your kingdom..Concepts_-_decks.html
All Black Tie Rentals include:
Delivery , Setup, Dismantle and Removal  .

Renderings Gallery 

Near the end of the ordering process for nearly every job, we create a rendering. Many of our kit designs are used for inspiration and you might recognize some of our kits in here but just as often as not, it’s a unique design.