Why Rent? 

Whether you wish to buy or rent, Black Tie can help you with your tradeshow needs. We are more than happy to offer any of our kits for purchase
but we have found several advantages to renting as opposed to buying.

 SAVE ON SHIPPING: Black Tie deals with shipping the booth to and from the venue (drayage not included)

 SAVE ON TIME & LABOR: Our professionals can set up the booths quickly and efficiently, generally before you even arrive at the show. 
No need to worry about how long you need to set it up yourself!

 SAVE ON STORAGE: Storing a large, bulky tradeshow exhibit can be a hassle and paying to have it stored can be costly. 

 SAVE ON MAINTENANCE AND UPKEEP: We take the responsibility of upkeep and making sure broken parts are replaced.

 ABILITY TO CHANGE DISPLAY TYPE OR CONFIGURATION: Once you buy a display, you must buy additional parts to make other configurations. By renting, you can adjust the size and configuration of your display for every show.

 ABILITY TO DO MULTIPLE SHOWS AT ONCE IN DIFFERENT VENUES: Use as much or as little of our inventory as you need. Many of our clients go months without a need only to suddenly require 3 or 4 exhibits in different places across the country at approximately the same time.
 SAVE ON HEADACHES: Tradeshows can be confusing and frustrating. Our knowledgeable staff has been in the tradeshow industry for decades and can help you with most questions and situations.
It’s Good for the Environment!

For many of the reasons it is economical to rent, it is also green to rent.

 BURN LESS FUEL: Our inventory is stored in Las Vegas, the tradeshow capital of the US. This reduces the use of fossil fuels and the harm burning them does to our environment. 

 REDUCE WASTE THROUGH MAXIMUM USAGE: Our rental inventory is flexible enough that the same parts get used many times over each year. Most damage actually occurs in transit. Since transportation is reduced, damage is reduced meaning a component with 30 uses still looks comparable to one with 10. 

 REDUCE WASTE THROUGH REFURBISHMENT: Our counters consist of a steel frame with fabric and laminate finishes. We replace the exterior visible surfaces as necessary, keeping the inventory looking fresh while re-using the frames for many years.

Who would you rather be?


FLEXIBILITY - Stay flexible from show to show. Our inventory is ready to serve your needs from a simple 10 x 10 to multiple large island exhibits whenever and wherever you might be showing.

This person is probably at the pool knowing Black Tie is taking good care of their exhibit.

This person did NOT rent from Black Tie.